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Introducing our innovative graphics editor, revolutionizing pixel art creation with dynamic database-driven CSS generation.

Ditto Logo is a graphics editor for 16x16 and 32x32 pixel art. Using a database, Ditto Logo stores each pixel's position and color as hexadecimal codes. The graphic scripts then dynamically generate CSS rules for each pixel. When viewed, the CSS renders the pixel art design in real-time on a grid.

This approach represents a novel method for incorporating graphics into websites, akin to constructing with Lego bricks. By storing raw pixel data in a database, our system offers flexibility and portability. This data can be easily adapted for use in other programming languages such as C and C++, opening up possibilities for integrating pixel art into a wide range of applications beyond web development.

The pixel art within our editor is crafted by highly skilled graphic designers who excel at creating stunning artwork within the confines of the 16x16 and 32x32 grids, utilizing a palette of colors selected from the entire spectrum. While our system currently allows for specifying only 10 colors per design, the expertise of our designers ensures that they can maximize the creative potential within these limitations, producing captivating and intricate designs.

These logos have found extensive use worldwide, serving as brand identities for companies, embellishments for UI/UX dashboards and websites, and even components of animations. With just a few lines of code, our system facilitates the creation of flipbook animations, offering a straightforward process for users to bring their designs to life with dynamic motion.

Furthermore, our editor empowers users to tile these grids together seamlessly, enabling the creation of larger images with ease. With proper organization, virtually any size of pixel art can be achieved, offering limitless possibilities for creative expression.

The logo design process begins with clients submitting requests along with reference images. Our logo designers then craft blueprints, which clients can approve or request changes to. Once approved, the blueprint is translated onto the grid by the designer. The client receives a unique ID number for their design, which they input into our provided script. Incorporating the image onto a website is made effortless – users simply specify the graphic ID and call the script. Additionally, our team of technicians is available to assist throughout the entire process, ensuring smooth implementation.

Experience seamless logo integration with Ditto Logo today and bring your designs to life effortlessly.

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